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Morocco an unprecedentedly exotic and mysterious country and one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, is situated at the northwestern tip of Africa. Soil and red clay shape the exuberant heart of a country, which takes away the visitors, as the fragrant smell of spices and the smoke of shishas around the buzzing bazaars and open-air markets.

Bedouin caravans travel in the desert through the distinct routes of Berber tradition and European influences, which effectively defined the majestic physiognomy of Morocco. Cosmopolitan Casablanca contrasts the beautiful and unruly Rabat, while in the cafes of Tangier the colors and aromas of spices reflect the most sensual mix of scents while visitors enjoy the sandy beaches. Deep inside the country, Marrakech and Fez are highly popular, with the imposing medinas (old walled towns), the numerous museums, magnificent palaces and mosques, parks and gardens, squares and oriental bazaars.

Morocco is a hospitable land, a combination of Berber and Arab culture and Africa’s gateway to Europe. With diverse identities, many languages and welcoming people it is certainly a country worth exploring.

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    Moroccan dirham (MAD)

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