Our HR Mission and Policy

Our HR Mission

Supporting the management levels and employees of all Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) companies in order to acquire, develop and maintain sustainability of sufficient human resources that create organizational success and performance, have appropriate education and experience, develop themselves and the work, are sharing, and adopt the group values.

Our HR Policy
  • Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) acts based on the awareness that the employees are those who create the corporate culture which is the main factor in providing long term competitive advantage and is very difficult to be imitated.

  • It acts based on the "Correct Person for Correct Position" principle when selecting the employees. It selects the employees who comply with the qualifications required by the concerned work.

  • It motivates its employees with a constructive and participatory management method.

  • It plans and provides training and career development opportunities for the employees according to the "Equal Opportunities" principle taking into consideration the individual targets and competencies, and the company targets. It is attentive to protect the employees who create value for the guests, customers, company, colleagues and environment.