Explore the magnificent treasures

Would you like to experience a special high class treatment during your professioanl guided tours in our inbound destitanitons? We will make your trip unforgettable. An intricately designed series of journeys for those who wish to see the iconic sites and magnificent treasures on a fully-inclusive excellent value group tour.


Pamukkale & Salda Lake

Do you want to see two wonders of the world in one day? You are unparalleled in the world, and Pamukkale, Hierapolis ancient city, then "Turkey Maldives" called - are invited to Salda Lake.  Pamukkale is natural wonder, which has a 2000-year history that cannot be called the 8th wonder of the world because it is natural, but it is famous for its inexplicable views and thermal waters. Calcium-rich mineral waters that have been flowing for centuries have finally formed terraces (travertines). Burdur Salda Lake - 185 meters measured depth is considered as Turkey's deepest freshwater lake. Also, it is believed that Salda Lake, the third deepest lake in the world, was formed as a result of large volcanic eruptions in archaic times. 

Six Element

Unique chance to get unforgettable impressions for the Luxury lovers. Enjoy our giant Semi submarine, watching colorful corals. We are absolutalely sure that you have never seen such corals before. After you wkae uo from a dream of corals you will move to the main boat for continue the trip to have Diving & Snorkeling in one of the most beautiful Coral Park watching colorful fish. Trip includes water sport Banana & Tablet board and free Wi-Fi on the yacht. Next stop will be on the amazing Orange Bay Island, one of the most beautiful islands of Red Sea where you can relax on sunbathing and participate in sport games Volleyball & Badminton. 

Meet Crete 

The perfect excursion for the guests who want to explore the island and discover the real beauty of Crete.  The city of Rethymno is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Greece. Venetian fortifications blend harmonically with orthodox and catholic churches, mosques, grand mansions of Venetian architecture, arches and cobblestone streets and they all create a magical atmosphere. Rethymno combines an old-time aristocratic appearance with a modern aspect, attracting all visitors with its traditional layout and rich cultural heritage.  Now it is a vibrant place with the longest sandy beach on the south coast and traditional restaurants where possible to enjoy while looking at the deep blue waters of the Libyan Sea.

Legends of Siam

We invite you to visit our new author's program Legend of Siam! Unforgettable attractions and adventures in the National parks waiting for you! We all love the fantastic creature of Elephants. in this exclusive tour, You will have a unique experience with them. Have you ever take a shower or had a bath with Elephants? If not, so you are on a suitable excursion! Having a bath and shower with the fantastic creature of elephants is one of the signature parts of this tour. Having such an experience will leave only positive and unforgettable memories. Baby elephant show and Elephant riding in the jungle is also a bonus! Thailand is famous for its beautiful temples where the region's highlight temples called as “Famous as the temple of a thousand monkeys.”.


Desert Safari Tour

A desert safari is an escape from the city’s classy sights and chaotic ambience. But that doesn’t mean that you’ve to do it while skimping on luxury. Now don’t worry if you’re cost-conscious; our reasonably-priced desert safari with dune bashing lets you experience the Arabian Desert like a royal! Wonder what’s special about this desert adventure? Enjoy an exclusive or shared pick up by a well-maintained 4X4 transport. Once you reach the spot, your expert driver will take you on an extraordinary dune bash across the endlessly vast desert landscape. Apart from this super adventurous dune bashing Dubai experience, there will be a stop to stretch your feet, take in enthralling desert sunset views, and of course, click some great pictures too.