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Creating impactful and strategic MICE program for the clients is what we do.

Under our MICE Offerings, we manage all, from your thrilling trips and big conferences, to thoughtful meetings, new launch events, tradeshows, roadshows and exhibitions.
We apply our experience, expertise, and innovative minds in enhancing and doubling the impact of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions being hosted by our clients. Our vast network, infrastructure and highly skilled teams together enables us to procure airlines, hotels, ground transportation, local approvals from government or non-government bodies and other necessary arrangements at really competitive rates.
We ensure to have a strong impression on our client’s guests, and believe, every event being organized, has a huge importance to our corporate clients and thinking from their perspective, we come up with the solutions which are specific to our clients’ objectives. Our team commences a MICE project by developing an understanding of various aspects and people involved in it.

We take care of every process involved in making your event a grandiose one – from ideation to implementation.

Our team works towards executing an event which doesn’t only serves our clients’ purpose but also meets the needs of the audience.
Ensuring quality visibility, creating substantial savings, having happy attendee experience and considerably reduced risk are what we focus on under our MICE program.
Benefits of working with us:
The cost leadership, when it comes to various industry leading suppliers due to our global alliances with them.
An end to end approach for managing all the aspects of our client’s event, including their travel, stay, ground transportation, local bodies approvals and other crucial arrangements.
Our global network to provide you support with all on the ground logistics, thus making hosting of the event easier.
A team of dedicated people who work hard to deliver an outstanding experience to both our clients and their guests as well.

We pride ourselve our expertise in finding and matching the best talent to meet your organizational needs.

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Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) are a central segment in the hospitality industry. MICE sales are extremely beneficial and can generate a sizeable portion of a hotel’s revenue. By attracting MICE tourists, you have an opportunity to boost the returns of your establishment, as well as your reputation. Studies have shown that MICE tourism makes up over fifty percent of business travel. In that case as ODEON Tours we offer countless opportunities for your business improvement.


One thing central to any functioanl group is regular meetings. In a healty organisation almost all decisions will be made at these meetings and there will be a sufficient level of discussion to ensure all those attending have a good idea of the activitiy and arguements in the different struggles the organisation is involved in. One of the most important parts of an event is choosing the right program and the appropriate atmosphare. ODEON Tours works together with you each step of the way to select a program that will be unique, memorable and successfull.



Incentive travel may be one of the harder components of MICE travel to understand since it doesn’t necessarily deal with group events. Instead, incentive travel is typically given to employees as a reward. Incentive travel doesn’t usually have a business or explicit educational component but instead is more of a non-business vacation with the aim of continued motivation for performance. ODEON Tours offers complete meeting solutions withing vanues selection of accomodations. Our professional team will care every aspect of your upcoming events.


We guarantee the success of your convention. You need to present results, new aims of your business… So Odeon Tours pffers you a space that you will equip your needs in the best conditions. We will take the stress and presusure out of convention organisation. You can be assured of the most professional service and delivery of yhe highest calibre. We will provide advices on the ideal location taking the hard work out of your search even if you need a last minute organisation. We can srrange a block of accomodation in our near your event venue. Our guests benefit from corporate rates which we negotiate and set up.




A corporate event is a chance to promote your company and product / service in professional way without pressure free envirement. It is the ideal route to increase staff motivation, reduce cosst and trigger performance improvement. Strenghtening business relations and building employee morale is central to any corporate event. ODEON Tours orgnizes flawless events that allow optimal opportunity to build employee and client relationships, while alleviating the stress of work funcitons.